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Schüppert, Anja, Susan Rosink, Linda van Heeswijk and Martin Kroon. 2014. De verstaanbaarheid van natuurlijk snelle versus kunstmatig versnelde spraak in het Nederlands. [The intelligibility of natural versus artificially time-compressed Dutch speech.] Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 3 (1) : 199–212.
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Dutch, Netherlandic
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John Benjamins
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The debate whether natural fast speech is more intelligible than artificially time-compressed speech has not clearly been answered yet. For Dutch, for instance, it has been shown in a phoneme detection task that time-compressed speech is more intelligible than natural fast speech, while for Danish listeners, no difference between the intelligibility of natural fast speech and time-compressed speech was reported from a dictation task. This article further investigates these conflicting results by reporting on a dictation task with Dutch listeners. The results suggest that the reported differences are more likely to be language-related than task-related.