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Trognon, Alain, Martine Batt and Thérèse Rivasseau Jonveaux. 2014. Dialogical history of a logical fallacy spontaneously produced during a predictive medicine consultation. Role of the causal connective Puisque in a discussion. Journal of Pragmatics 61 : 120–141.
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This study proposes the dialogical history of the production and the objecting of logical fallacies spontaneously generated during a Genetic Counseling for Predictive Testing consultation. These logical fallacies are argumentation errors familiar in psychology and rhetoric: « validating the consequent » and « disavowing the antecedent ». A formal model of this dialogue is constructed which elucidates why the fallacy occurs and why corrective efforts finally miscarry. It is demonstrated that the causal connective puisque constitutes a substantial operator of the explored dialogue.