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Dori-Hacohen, Gonen. 2014. Spontaneous or controlled: Overall structural organization of political phone-ins in two countries and their relations to societal norms. Journal of Pragmatics 70 : 1–15.
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This study describes the diverging general structural organization of political radio phone-in interactions in Israel and the U.S. The American phone-in is very organized, firmly steered by the host, who knows and presents the caller at the opening, and one-sidedly ends the interaction. In the Israeli phone-in, the opening looks like the mundane phone call and closings are parleyed. In contrast to the US structure, the Israeli structure fosters non-hierarchical institutional relations between participants, similar to mundane relations. The conclusion links the general structural organizations with each society's communication patterns, proposing phone-ins as one site that reflects and regenerates societal norms.