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Terkourafi, Marina and María Jesús Barros García. 2014. First-order politeness in rapprochement and distancing cultures: Understandings and uses of politeness by Spanish native speakers from Spain and Spanish non-native speakers from the U.S. Pragmatics 24 (1) : 1–34.
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First-order politeness in rapprochement (like Spanish-speaking) and distancing (like English-speaking) cultures is diametrically opposed. Whilst the former link politeness to positive addressee evaluation, friendship and cooperation, the latter mainly employ politeness to engender respect and social distinction. These prognoses are tested against the comprehensions and usage of politeness by native Spanish speakers from Spain and nonnative Spanish speakers from the U.S. Though more advanced learners align themselves better with Spanish norms, some possibly prototypically structured politeness notions may be difficult to master.