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Hanauer, David I. and Mary Jane Curry, eds. 2014. Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education. Research Methods and Perspectives from Applied Linguistics. (Language Studies, Science and Engineering 1). John Benjamins. xvi, 180 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education brings together a range of applied linguistic researchers and projects that address the interface among language studies, science, engineering, and education. The book is premised on the concept that science is of central importance in the twenty-first century and that linguistic knowledge can contribute to the description, understanding, education, and practice of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The book introduces various linguistic methodologies and discusses ways in which these have been used to promote STEM education. It offers a first collection of such studies and a wide-ranging introduction to ways in which applied linguistics can serve as a resource for questions, projects, and issues situated within the fields of STEM. The book should be of interest to applied linguists working in STEM, as well as STEM professionals working in education and administrative or funding bodies interested in supporting and enhancing educational practices in the sciences.