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Lahousse, Karen and Stefania Marzo, eds. 2014. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2012. Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Leuven 2012. John Benjamins. xiii, 247 pp.
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This volume contains a selective collection of peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the 26th Going Romance conference, organized at the KU Leuven (Belgium) from 6-8 December 2012. The annual Going Romance conference has developed into the major European discussion forum for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages. The present volume testifies to the significance of the analysis of Romance languages for the field of linguistics in general, and theoretical linguistics in particular. It contains eleven articles dealing with issues related to all core linguistic domains and interfaces, and representing different empirical phenomena. The articles provide data from a significant range of Romance languages and language varieties (French, standard Italian and Italian dialects, Spanish, Catalan, Catalan Contact Spanish, standard and non-standard European Portuguese, Galician), as well as from Latin, English and German.