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Chen, Yiya, Johanneke Caspers, Willemijn Heeren, Jos Pacilly, Niels O. Schiller and Ellen van Zanten, eds. 2014. Above and Beyond the Segments. Experimental linguistics and phonetics. John Benjamins. xii, 363 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This book presents a unique collection of experimental linguistic and phonetic research. Mainly, it deals with the experimental approach to prosodic, and more specifically melodic, aspects of speech. But it also treats segmental phonetics and phonology, second language learning, semantics and related topics. Apart from European languages and dialects (including Dutch, English, Greek, Danish, and dialects from Italy and The Netherlands) there also are chapters on regions as widespread as China, Russia, South Africa, South Sudan, and Surinam. These all testify the enormous diversity of language and speech in the world. This book is of special interest to linguists working on prosodic aspects of speech in general and to those studying non-Western languages in particular.