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Linell, Per. 2014. Interactivities, intersubjectivities and language: On dialogism and phenomenology. Language and Dialogue 4 (2) : 165–193.
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This theoretical paper deals with intersubjectivity and interactivity in relation to language and sense-making. It starts out from a critical discussion of certain proposals regarding the nature and localisation of language, that is, radical versions of individualism and collectivism. The conclusion is that both are untenable. Instead, one must assume that language originates and lives in interactivities between sense-making people. Such an ‘interactionism’ is close to dialogism.The bulk of the paper is devoted to the relations between interactivities and intersubjectivities. Adducing arguments from a cross-disciplinary approach to language and languaging, the paper ends up with a conclusion that interactivities are more basic than both intersubjectivities and linguistic dialogue. In the summarising discussion the paper suggests some foundations for a dynamic and dialogical language science, as an antidote to formal linguistics.