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Dastjerdi, H. Vahid and Fatemeh Abbasian Borojeni. 2014. A CDA Representation of the May 31, 2010 Gaza-Bound Aid Flotilla Raid: Portrayal of the Events and Actors. Pragmatics and Society 5 (1) : 1–21.
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News media as both a site and a process of social interaction and ideological construction (van Dijk 1993) play a unique role and carry a signifying power in structuring social thinking and disseminating social knowledge on issues related to national or international agendas, and in representing events in particular ways (Fairclough 1995). Through a comparative analysis of 30 articles from four newspapers on the events of May 31, 2010 Gaza-bound aid flotilla raid and their aftermath, the present study examined the discursive properties of the articles in the process of construction of the events and representation of their participants through in and out-group identity. Using van Dijk’s (1991) approach to news analysis and drawing on the analytical framework of transitivity and lexical cohesion proposed in Halliday (1994), the study investigated the representation of the events and social actors. The results revealed the links between choices of certain discourse strategies realized in certain linguistic forms and the role of ideologies and power relations underlying such forms and strategies.