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Ma, Qing. 2015. A process-focused learning model for L2 vocabulary acquisition. Construction, implementation and validation. International Journal of Applied Linguistics 166 (1) : 127–162.
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This study aims to identify essential stages involved in vocabulary learning by constructing, implementing and validating a process-focused learning model using structural equation modelling (SEM). In this model, successful vocabulary learning goes through four sequential stages: perceiving the word form; accessing the word meaning; mapping the word form with meaning; using the word. A vocabulary learning strategy questionnaire was developed based on the model and administered to more than 300 Chinese university students; the model was satisfactorily tested using the SEM technique. The empirical findings provide further insights into our understanding of the complex nature of vocabulary acquisition which forms a systematic learning loop. A number of learning and teaching implications were drawn accordingly to enhance L2 vocabulary acquisition and vocabulary learning strategy training programmes.