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Palmer, Deborah and Kathryn I. Henderson. 2015. Teacher scaffolding and pair work in a bilingual pre-kindergarten classroom. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education 3 (1) : 77–101.
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This paper presents findings from a year-long study of pair work and bilingual development in a hybrid developmental bilingual pre-kindergarten classroom. Grounded in sociocultural theory and developed using ethnographic approaches to data collection and analysis, the paper analyzed how a master bilingual teacher scaffolded pair work and peer teaching. Findings revealed an association between teacher modeling of language use and behavior, and student language use and behavior in pair work. How the teacher scaffolded both the structure and processes of pair work and the resulting student interaction and peer scaffolding contributes to both practical teacher strategies and to a deeper theoretical understanding of how teachers can create spaces for young students to engage in their non-dominant language.