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Roy, Sylvie and Andy Gibson. 2015. Canadian Parents for French. How a grassroots organization has contributed to the advancement of Canada’s official languages policy. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education 3 (2) : 218–240.
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This article describes the efforts undertaken by a grassroots, non-profit association established to promote French-second-language learning in Canada, and how those efforts have contributed to the advancement of Canada’s official languages policy. After identifying the historical context in which the immersion approach to second language instruction was developed, the study uses a historical institutionalism theory with an archival research method to examine texts produced by Canadian Parents for French over the past 38 years to see how the organization has contributed to the growth of English-French bilingualism within Canada. It then notes the continuing challenges to universal access to French immersion programs which the association has identified. This article demonstrates that stakeholders can play an important role in the successful implementation of a policy and offers examples that may be relevant for international audiences seeking to promote language learning.