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Aline, David and Yuri Hosoda. 2015. Single episode analysis of extended conflict talk sequences in second language classroom discussion. Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict 3 (2) : 231–262.
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Numerous studies have examined conflict talk from an ethnomethodological perspective, scrutinizing development of conflict talk sequences (e.g., Coulter 1990; Maynard 1985a). This paper takes up this strand of research to examine an extended episode of conflict talk in a second language (L2) classroom. Throughout this study, a detailed analysis of a single episode was conducted, applying previous research findings and using this analysis as a springboard into uncovering distinct aspects of conflict talk in this institutional context that may also be generalizable to other institutional contexts. The focus here is on an extended dispute occurring in a group discussion extracted from a larger corpus of L2 classroom interaction.