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Zuriñe Rodríguez, Lara and Sergio Villanueva Baselga. 2015. Feminist revision of oral history methodology for the study of armed conflicts. The case of ETA women. Narrative Inquiry 25 (1) : 57–69.
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This article set out presenting the methodological toolbox created for the study of a very specific reality: the gathering of oral information in the study of armed conflicts. Taking as a valid reference the oral history technique, it explored new methodological processes that allowed to reach the lives and stories of the people interviewed more deeply, with a closer approach to their lives, but at the same time respecting and ensuring maximum access and confidentiality. To do this, the oral history methodology was reviewed with the main contributions of feminist epistemology. Thereby, the article created ex profeso new methodological processes adapted to study the role of women as violence perpetrators in armed conflicts. The proposal expands up to 5 different phases with either technical or emotional functions. The validity of this new methodological toolbox has been tested through an extensive research in the armed conflict of the Basque Country (Spain) performing oral histories to 25 women and 10 men.