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Herlofsky, William J., Masako K. Hiraga, Kimi Akita and Kazuko Shinohara, eds. 2015. Iconicity. East meets West. (Iconicity in Language and Literature 14). John Benjamins. x, 279 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This volume presents an intersection of East-West scholarship on Iconicity. Several of its chapters thus deal with Asian languages and cultures, or a comparison of world languages. Divided into four categories: general issues; sound symbolism and mimetics; iconicity in literary texts; and iconic motivation in grammar, the chapters show the diversity and dynamics of iconicity research, ranging from iconicity as a driving force in language structure and change, to the various uses of images, diagrams and metaphors at all levels of the literary text, in both narrative and poetic forms, as well as on all varieties of discourse, including the visual and the oral.