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Khemlani David, Maya, Francisco Perlas Dumanig, Khan Naqeebullah and Syed Abdul Manan. 2015. Politics, economics and identity: mapping the linguistic landscape of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The International Journal of Multilingualism 12 (1) : 31–50.
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It is argued that the multidimensional linguistic landscape of Kuala Lumpur, is enclosed in its intricate sociopolitical, economic and ethnolinguistic aspects and trends, as exemplified in both government and private signage. The sociopolitical dimension denotes official monolingual Malay-centered policies, stressing obligate use of the national Malay language. The economic dimension appears in the leading use of English for its advertising and symbolic potential. The ethnolinguistic dimension indicates vitality and identity voiced by the Chinese and Indian communities in particular environs. Bottom-up discursive resistance to the official policy, aimed ad uniting a multiethnic population, may be elicited by many reasons covering pragmatism, religion or identity, and such resistance plainly turns up in signboards' linguistic and semiotic representation.