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Petit, Gérard, Grégoire Pointeau and Peter Ford Dominey. 2016. Reasoning based on consolidated real world experience acquired by a humanoid robot. Interaction Studies 17 (2) : 248–278.
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John Benjamins
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The development of reasoning systems exploiting expert knowledge from interactions with humans is a non-trivial problem, particularly when considering how the information can be coded in the knowledge representation. For example, in human development, the acquisition of knowledge at one level requires the consolidation of knowledge from lower levels. How is the accumulated experience structured to allow the individual to apply knowledge to new situations, allowing reasoning and adaptation? This paper investigates how this can be done automatically by an iCub that interacts with humans to acquire knowledge via demonstration. Once consolidated, this knowledge is used in further acquisitions of experience concerning preconditions and consequences of actions. Finally, this knowledge is translated into rules that allow reasoning and planning for novel problem solving, including a Tower of Hanoi scenario. The paper thus demonstrates proof of concept for an interaction system that uses knowledge acquired from human interactions to reason about new situations.