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Majstorović, Danijela and Zoran Vučkovac. 2016. Rethinking Bosnia and Herzegovina’s post-coloniality. Challenges of Europeanization discourse. Journal of Language and Politics 15 (2) : 147–172.
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This paper investigates politico-media discourses of the international community revolving for the last few decades around the process of Europeanization in Bosnia and Herzegovina from its Dayton inception until 2015. The paper first explains the contours of the BiH context and then uses a critical discourse analysis to assess the data collected between 1997 and 2015 drawn from a variety of textual resources such as mainstream newspapers, online media, and international community websites to explain the main trends of the Europeanization discourse in the country. Grounding the analysis within the postcolonial theory and post-communist studies, it critically examines the post-1996 peace and state building as well as Europeanization processes in BiH with respect to signs of postcolonial condition including perpetual transition and a state of exception.