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Mieroop, Dorien Van De, Elwys De Stefani and Paul Sambre. 2016. The interactional history of examples and parentheses. Note-taking practices in multiparty interaction among attendees of a mutual-help group for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) sufferers. Language and Dialogue 6 (1) : 110–139.
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This article examines how participants organize their note-taking while engaged in multiparty interaction. It first describes the collective display of affiliation as an interactional practice that allows note-takers to identify recordables and to legitimize their writing. It then focuses on the use of examples (e.g.) and parentheses in the written notes. While style guides recommend the use of examples and parentheses to indicate subsidiary information, the article describes the interactional history that leads to such scriptorial practices in collaborative writing. The analyses show that both examples and parentheses may originate from various interactional practices (e.g. listing, instruction, epistemic disputes) and that they may relate to highly salient topics of the interaction. The article uses the methods developed in conversation analysis, which it extends to the analysis of multimodal phenomena of interaction.