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Chiluwa, Innocent and Esther Ajiboye. 2016. Discursive pragmatics of T-shirt inscriptions. Constructing the self, context and social aspirations. Pragmatics and Society 7 (3) : 436–462.
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John Benjamins
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This study adopts a discourse-pragmatic analytical approach to examine the various ways youths construct themselves and their group identities, their environment and socio-economic aspirations using T-shirt messages and slogans. Two institutions of higher learning in Nigeria are examined. Findings show that T-shirts combine fashion and youth popular culture with need and identity negotiation. The youth not only assert who they are and what they wish to be known for, but also express their aspirations for a better socio-economic and political society. The needs for love and money are particularly stressed. The study also describes the linguistic structures and style of T-shirt messages.