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Vandergriff, Ilona, ed. 2016. Second-language Discourse in the Digital World. Linguistic and social practices in and beyond the networked classroom. (Language Learning & Language Teaching 46). John Benjamins. xiii, 270 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This volume illustrates a new, practice-driven approach to technology in second-language (L2) learning that begins with what L2 users do when they connect with others online. With its rich set of examples from a number of different languages and a variety of digital platforms, in and beyond the classroom, this volume provides a structured account of L2 computer-mediated discourse. The book is divided into four sections. Section I considers how new media have changed language learning. Section II is about L2 participation in digital forms and practices in online communities. Sections III centers around L2 linguistic and other semiotic practices, including the use of multimodal and multilingual resources while section IV analyzes social practices to explore how networked L2 users build, maintain and challenge relationships.