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Alvarez, Pilar, Marta Soler, Beatriz Villarejo and Ana Llopis. 2016. (Im)Politeness and interactions in Dialogic Literary Gatherings. Journal of Pragmatics 94 : 1–11.
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This paper explores the interactions that take place in Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLG), a cultural activity in which low literate adults read and discuss classic literature. To honor the principle of egalitarian dialogue, participants consent on how to communicate and consider their communicative patterns. This paper examines the authentic interactional conduct of participants and the pragmatic features that prove how this principle is executed by distinguishing dialogic and power interactions in connection to (Im)politeness. This study demonstrates the impact of the situated genre (DLG) over status in the preponderance of politeness and how the participants employ polite mitigation strategies that foster dialogue in the conversation, regardless of the participants’ position.