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Chiang, Wen-yu and Tiffany Ying-Yu Lin. 2016. Concrete images and abstract metaphorical extensions in the encounter between language and music: Hsu Chih-Mo's poem “Serendipity”. Journal of Pragmatics 96 : 32–48.
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No earlier inquiry explored the intricate “one-to-many” relationships between metaphor and music in compositions based on the same lyrics in investigating how verbal metaphors are plotted on, refashioned into, and rallied with the musical/aural style of the compositions. To bridge this gap, this study furnishes a thorough metaphor-based and musical analysis to explore the alteration of verbal metaphors in the classic Mandarin Chinese poem “Serendipity,” written by the famous poet Hsu Chih-Mo (徐志摩), into multimodal metaphors in four musical versions.