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Park, Jae-Eun. 2016. Turn-taking in Korean conversation. Journal of Pragmatics 99 : 62–77.
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Using Sacks et al.’s (1974) turn-taking model, this study examines the pliancy of the Korean turn-taking system. Observing first that speakers stop a turn without forecasted final turn elements, it is advanced that the turn stop is a just finish determinable as a transition-relevance place (TRP). A turn stop emerges at a lexical boundary in which the lexical chunks thus far assembled have transferred a whole action. It is asserted that any lexical boundary can function as a TRP on the condition of action finish, as negotiated and defined by the participants’ shared knowledge and experiences. This pliancy of TRP formation is presented as a specification of Sacks et al.’s (1974) generic model applied to Korean conversation.