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Dooly, Melinda and Vincenza Tudini. 2016. ‘Now we are teachers’: The role of small talk in student language teachers’ telecollaborative task development. Journal of Pragmatics 102 : 38–53.
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This study explores how two student–teachers (based in the US and Spain, trying to become Spanish and English as Foreign Language teachers, respectively) use four small talk varieties (topicalized, co-topical, minimal and brief, cfr. Hudak and Maynard's (2011)), in institutionally-instituted, out-of-class telecollaborative Skype video sessions held over two days. The study spotlights the significant role of co-topical talk, which is at once pro-social and work-linked, in the lead-up to apparently ‘off-topic’ topicalized small talk and the realization of institutional teaching and learning goals in a hybrid context.