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McCabe, Marta. 2016. Transnationalism and language maintenance: Czech and Slovak as heritage languages in the Southeastern United States. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2016 (238) : 169–192.
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This paper explores heritage language maintenance aims, motives, and tactics in eleven Czech and Slovak immigrant families in the Southeastern United States. The most effective heritage language (HL) preservation factors cover: (a) prospects that children will be in want of the language in the future; (b) steady HL usage by both parents; (c) annual prolonged overseas trips; and (d) parental skills to employ extra strategies, like implicating grandparents or hiring Slavic au pairs. Currently, the need to acquire and use Czech or Slovak in the U.S. context has mainly faded out. Instead, the transnational context is now crucial for HL maintenance.