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Faulstich Orellana, Marjorie and Andrea C. Rodriguez-Minkoff. 2016. Cultivating linguistic flexibility in contexts of super-diversity. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2016 (241) : 125–150.
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This paper positions linguistic “super-diversity” research (LSDR) within specific historical, cultural and social settings, defying monolingual norms, and recognizing ideological forces that govern the “sociopolitical emergence” of specific language practices. It examines novel linguistic practices in an L.A. after-school program that greatly both imitates and strenghtens the various migration flows that typify super-diversity. It obelizes the LSDR tilt to praise translingual practices without reflection on power relations. It debates translingual and transcultural skills of participants as they “grasped” the local context and made language choices, though the prevailing Language forms in this space appeared rather narrow. Finally, it spotlights practices intended to unhinge directive notions of language, back linguistic flexibility, and capitalize on the chances provided by super-diverse linguistic and cultural contexts.