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Bourhis, Richard Y., Réal Allard and Rana Sioufi. 2016. Vitality and ethnolinguistic attitudes of Acadians, Franco-Ontarians and Francophone Quebecers: two or three solitudes in Canada's bilingual belt? Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 37 (4) : 384–401.
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Do French-Canadian (FC) minorities in New Brunswick and Ontario remain as committed as majority Francophone Quebecers in developing their vitality within Canada's bilingual belt? FCs constitute host communities for interprovincial migrants of FC and English-Canadian (EC) background who can bolster or weaken the vitality of FCs. How FCs and ECs welcome each other as internal migrants has important consequences for Canadian nation-building, and harmonious relations between Francophones and Anglophones as official language communities. Questionnaires were completed by t Three groups of French-Canadian (FC) undergraduate respondents, i.e. Francophone Quebecers (n = 204), Acadians (n = 227), and Franco-Ontarians (n = 227), adhere more to FC- than outgroup English-Canadian (EC) vitality and prefer FC over EC migrants. How FCs and ECs receive each other as internal migrants notably impacts Canadian nation-building, and balanced relations among the official language communities.