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Catrambone, Marco. 2016. Off-record politeness in Sophocles: The patterned dialogues of female characters. Journal of Politeness Research 12 (2) : 173–196.
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Using a refined Brown and Levinson’s empiric politeness (P) model as to emic-etic P-links, the face concept, the inclusion of lenghty conversation stretches, and the utter super-strategies' ranking, this study reveals that a severe link between off record P and FTAs softening in Sophocles’ tragedies comprising female speakers, can be squarely evidenced. Female speakers oft appear to use off record P, esp. in cross-sex exchanges with powerful men; some limited male speaker categories, viz strangers and lower-status persons, address women with off-record P; and off record P in female interactions is restricted to very grave imposition.