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Tantucci, Vittorio. 2016. Toward a typology of constative speech acts: Actions beyond evidentiality, epistemic modality, and factuality. Intercultural Pragmatics 13 (2) : 181–210.
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A theoretical and operational structure are offered to explore what speech act type is at risk when a speaker/writer alternately decides to feature a proposal as evidential, epistemic modal, or factual construction. Three primary illocutionary force types fix the modal identification of a constative speech act: evaluational (EvF(p)), presentative (PrF(p)), and assertive (AsF(p)) force. This categorization is based on a test series that efficiently handles grammaticalized constructions or pragmatic strategies, irrespective of the scrutinized item's specificity. This MO is first employed to unravel the disputed sense of MUST-type predicates and then farther theorized as a speech-act grounded framework of epistemic elucidation.