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Huguet, Àngel, José M. Madariaga and Judit Janés. 2016. Language attitudes in Catalan multilingual classrooms: educational implications. Language and Intercultural Communication 16 (2) : 216–234.
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Linguistic attitudes of 1206 linguistically varied and strongly immigrant involving 2nd and 4th year secondary school students in Catalonia were valued. Entry age, residence duration, and socio-cultural/professional level of immigrant students ('families) were also appraised. Within the immigrant group (IG), one needs to work with Spanish speaking students, as the IG displays less propitious stances towards Catalan than the rest. The home language is important for stances towards Catalan and Spanish, while arrival age and length of stay are notable as regards stances towards Catalan, English and immigrants’ L1. These results enable possible educational interventions to raise concord between these languages in school.