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Shuter, Robert, Pauline Hope Cheong and Yashu Chen. 2016. The influence of cultural values on U.S. and Danish students’ digital behavior: Exploring culture, new media, and social context. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 9 (2) : 161–178.
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This paper examines the crossing of culture, novel media, and social context—a key element of intercultural new media studies—by exploring smartphone, tablet, and laptop social uses in university classrooms in Denmark and the US. American and Danish university students notably diverge as to (1) novel media use frequency, (2) chosen classroom policies adjusting use, (3) discerned effect of use on learning, observation, and student participation, and (4) chosen instructor strategies for addressing disturbing uses. Danes and Americans also notably diverged as to authority values related to students' novel media classroom use.