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Coral, Josep and Teresa Lleixà. 2016. Physical education in content and language integrated learning: successful interaction between physical education and English as a foreign language. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 19 (1) : 108–126.
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This inquiry tries to distinguish particular physical education in content and language integrated learning (PE-in-CLIL) teaching strategies that better oral communication and to verify that relevant progress emerges in oral understanding and interaction. Action research (AR) and Elliot’s practice model were employed in the inquiry, involving 26 primary education pupils (aged 10–11). Notable oracy progress appears when employing the PE-in-CLIL approach. Beside, particular teaching strategies that ameliorate oral communication were distinguished. This study thus shows how a PE-in-CLIL programme can not merely be employed to increase oracy, yet to better teaching too.