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Yagmur, Kutlay and Gözde Akoğlu. 2016. First-language skills of bilingual Turkish immigrant children growing up in a Dutch submersion context. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 19 (6) : 706–721.
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To demonstrate the role of first language proficiency in second-language acquisition and lower school success, this paper proposes the findings of an empirical study collating bilingual Turkish immigrant children (n = 30, mean age = 67.27 months) in the Netherlands and monolingual Turkish speakers (n = 30, mean age = 66.97 months) in Turkey. Collated to monolingual Turkish speakers, Turkish immigrant children lag behind in their first language cognitive notions, lexical, syntactic, and textual skills. Mothers’ education level appears a notable factor in accounting immigrant children's performance contrasts. This would affect their concept and cognitive development and their second-language acquisition.