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Sun, Pi-Chuan, Fu-Tien Pan and Chien-Wei Ho. 2016. Does motivating language matter in leader–subordinate communication? Chinese Journal of Communication 9 (3) : 264–282.
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This inquiry explores the links amid motivating language, supervisory effectiveness, job performance, intrinsic motivation and organizational citizenship conduct. It collates the impact of motivating language across distinct organizational categories. 277 of the 500 distributed questionnaires appeared operable (161 for the airline organization and 116 for the army organization). The findings of the inquiry add to the literature on human resource management, communication, leadership, and organizational behavior by demonstrating the impact of motivating language on supervisory effectiveness and organizational citizenship conduct, as well as by distinguishing the mediators of intrinsic motivation. The study provides no evidence though that motivating language influences job performance. The study also lists that, regardless of whether a person is in an army or airline organization, motivating language can generate the same outcome and does not differ much across cultures.