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Skoric, Marko M., Qinfeng Zhu and Natalie Pang. 2016. Social media, political expression, and participation in Confucian Asia. Chinese Journal of Communication 9 (4) : 331–347.
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This inquiry revises and examines the edited empirical research on the role of social media in fostering political utterance and participation in Confucian Asia, covering Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. It also displays clear numerical valuations of the links amid diverse kinds of social media use (i.e., relational, expressive, recreational and informational), political utterance, and participation in Confucian states. The results repeat the weight of the expressive use of social media, displaying its fairly strong link with participation. The results also exhibit frail positive links with informational and relational uses. The role of political systems in these relationships is also explored and it is inferred that the strongest relationships are in democratic states, followed by hybrid and authoritarian systems.