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Knight, Linda. 2016. Curious hybrids: creating ‘not-quite’ beings to explore possible childhoods. Discourse 37 (5) : 680–693.
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Adult-young child communications can uncover distinct ideas and visions. Adults and children have distinct abilities to speak, these discursive spaces can become repleted with suppositions, stereotyping and usual thinking about power and agency. If communication moves from the solely discursive, what might be exhibited about the research, examinations and fantasies adults and children loose onself in? The hybrid beings drawn by the author's daughter, -mixtures of animal, object, human and creature forms-, which are ‘not-quite’, are becoming, capable of transforming via myriad mutations. Mother and daughter collaborated and drew additional hybrid beings to experiment with becoming-other via intricate entanglements of forms, to mix up, morph and (trans)form from human selves to hybrid others. The ‘not-quite-ness’ of the monstrous hybrids unsettle the conventions of ‘being’ and inspire considerations of childhood subjectivities, identities, conventionalities and actively question the adopted knowledges and subjectifications that are retained about young children in early childhood professional and academic systems.