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Kahlin, Linda and Ingela Tykesson. 2016. Identity attribution and resistance among Swedish-speaking call centre workers in Moldova. Discourse Studies 18 (1) : 87–105.
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Using calls to an outsourced call centre in Moldova, where agents have experienced training in Swedish, this paper handles some cases when agents are ascribed categorical belonging related with the matter of outsourcing. The inquiry aspires to explore how these challenges are dealt with within interaction. The assay is executed by a combination of conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis, maily via the concept of omnirelevance, employed to show the participants’ orientation to social contexts. A chief outcome is the delicate forms of opposition that agents display when they reply to diverse category-based compliments, oriented to the agent's location and language. One form of opposition is giving minor replies and another is to revert to the transactional procedure. The calls are part of a corpus of 800 calls. A comparative assay also covers a call to a centre in Sweden.