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Ab Rashid, Radzuwan. 2016. Topic continuation strategies employed by teachers in managing supportive conversations on Facebook Timeline. Discourse Studies 18 (2) : 188–203.
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This paper is part of a broader inquiry on teachers’ social support co-construction on a social networking site. The paper tries to explain how a subject proposed in the Facebook Status updates is parleyed with/by Friends via the Comment function. Assuming discourse topic management as its theoretical framework, the paper proposes the outcomes linked to topical action of continuing topic discerned in the Comments on Timelines, which renders the strong existence of support on the site in the sense that Friends display their interest in taking up the topic. The assay demonstrates that strategies for continuing topics in face-to-face conversations are creatively used by teachers on Timelines and this entails the apparition of singular features of this new way of online interaction. In this respect, this paper adds to the extension of discourse topic theory by pointing out the features of Timeline conversations that appeared from the assay of topic continuation.