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Emmorey, Karen, Marcel R. Giezen and Tamar H. Gollan. 2016. Psycholinguistic, cognitive, and neural implications of bimodal bilingualism. Bilingualism 19 (2) : 223–242.
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Bimodal bilinguals' (mastering a signed and a spoken language) two languages use distinct sensory-motor systems for production and understanding. Differences between uni- and bimodal bilinguals affect how the brain is structured to control and render two languages. Code-blending evidence (concurrent word-sign production) points out that the production system can easily use two lexical representations, and the comprehension system must be capable of concurrently merging lexical information from two languages. Further, evidence of cross-language activation in bimodal bilinguals shows the need of links between languages at the lexical or semantic level. Finally, bimodal bilinguals evidence less neural overlap.