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Jyrkiäinen, Senni. 2016. Online Presentation of Gendered Selves among Young Women in Egypt. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication 9 (2) : 11182–198.
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Social media and especially Facebook have become a significant social interaction and premarital romance arena in Egypt, where a respectable public image is regarded a precious symbolic capital. This is notably true for brides-to-be. Many university-educated women have found Facebook helpful for impression management. They need to obscure certain aspects of their conduct that may be rejected as morally unfitting and thus cultivated strategies for eluding certain moral presumptions on female sexual purity, virginity and modesty. This article defines the young women who edit their profiles in order to meet the ruling propriety norms, in Goffman’s terms, as ‘cynical performers’. As it is shown, the beautification of the self is a pragmatic solution to the problem of dealing with extant dating practices and inconsistent norms of decent gender interaction, often understood as ‘Islamic’.