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Licoppe, Christian and Clair-Antoine Veyrier. 2017. How to show the interpreter on screen? The normative organization of visual ecologies in multilingual courtrooms with video links. Journal of Pragmatics 107 : 147–164.
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This article debates various facets of participation in judicial environs which combine a trust in video conferencing technology, to permit courtroom interpreters to interpret for distant prison defendants when they do not speak the court's language. In such a multimedia and multilingual setting, distinctive participation-linked concerns appear regarding the face to face multilingual courtroom situation. Based on video recordings of naturally occurring courtroom activities, the paper debates the rather disregarded issue of interpreters’ visibility in video-mediated courtrooms, and displays that how the interpreter is made visible enacts pertinent participation frames for him/her. The paper displays how the choice of video shots and their place in sequences of talk-in-interaction shows the participants’ view of the interpreter's role within a constantly developing multimodal participation frame. While interpreters are generally shown in medium shots, and as much as possible not alone but together with the participants whose talk they are interpreting, sometimes an interpreter is made visible via a close shot. The article debates such a divergent case and accounts how such a move is made pertinent by an uncommon footing configuration in the talk to be interpreted.