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Cap, Piotr. 2017. Studying ideological worldviews in political Discourse Space: Critical-cognitive advances in the analysis of conflict and coercion. Journal of Pragmatics 108 : 17–27.
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This article debates the current nexus between spatial cognition and critical discourse analysis (CDA), evaluating its strengths, restrictions, and prospects in the domain of political/ideological discourse studies. Debating Deictic Space Theory and Text World Theory, among others, it asserts that cognitive models disclose further theoretical potential which has not been utilized yet. Centering on how representations and ideologically charged worldviews are determined, they do not offer a pragmatic account of how addressees are made to determine a worldview, in the service of speaker's goals. Outlining Proximization Theory, a discursive model of crisis and conflict construction in political discourse, it asserts that, unlike the other models, it totally captures the intricate ideological positioning in political discourse space and, decisively, the conflict dynamics between the opposing ideologies of the space.