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Licoppe, Christian. 2017. Showing objects in Skype video-mediated conversations: From showing gestures to showing sequences. Journal of Pragmatics 110 : 63–82.
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This article centers on sequences in which participants display one another a personal object in Skype video-mediated communication. It differentiates between ‘gestural showings’ in which object display is a gestural contribution to ongoing talk, and ‘showing sequences’, in which the object's visual display becomes the center of interaction, with various ‘gestalt contextures’ of talk and embodied conduct. It further proposes an important distinction between ‘informative showings’ which enact a recipient without pertinent knowledge concerning the showable, and ‘evocative showings’, which enact instead a knowledgeable recipient. Finally, this systematic grasp of the organization of showing practices is employed to explain the recurrent production of showing sequences including personal objects (which index familiar and intimate territories) in video-mediated interpersonal conversations, and to display how such sequences can form a powerful resource to enact ‘intimacy-at-a-distance’.