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Sert, Olcay and Ufuk Balaman. 2017. The coordination of online L2 interaction and orientations to task interface for epistemic progression. Journal of Pragmatics 115 : 115–129.
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This paper uses multimodal conversation analysis to describe online video-based interactions based on a single case analysis that represents a larger corpus of 70 h of screen recordings. The findings disclose the incorporation of online interaction, screen orientations, and knowledge co-construction for task accomplishment aims. The participants coordinate their interactions with their orientations to the task interface to enact epistemic progression, which consequently turns the interface into a layer, a semiotic field, and a screen-based resource in the course of knowledge co-construction. The findings have considerable implications for research on online interaction and epistemics as well as for a grasp of coordination of multiple actions in geographically dispersed settings.