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Sinkeviciute, Valeria. 2017. Funniness and “the preferred reaction” to jocularity in Australian and British English: An analysis of interviewees' metapragmatic comments. Language & Communication 55 : 41–54.
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Based on qualitative interview data, this article examines non-participants' judgments of possibly humorous comments. Meta-talk that plays a key role in evaluating one's own verbal behaviour can also disclose how non-participants interpret interactional behaviour of other people and assess its suitability. This article explores a variety of viewpoints that the interviewees supply while assessing jocular verbal behaviours from Big Brother Australia and UK 2012, particularly centering on distinct ways of conceptualising funniness. Furthermore, essentially concentrating on the target, the interviewees also hint at the concept of “the preferred reaction” as a reply to possibly jocular remarks and to what degree the target's reaction that marks the alacrity to have a good laugh is considered the most favorable move in interaction.