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Matwick, Keri and Kelsi Matwick. 2017. Self-deprecatory humor on TV cooking shows. Language & Communication 56 : 33–41.
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Humor and joking are tools via which social control is applied and self-identity is exhibited. A form of self-disclosure, humorous self-deprecation is self-directed critique done in a humorous way to minimize potential value judgments the self-disclosing information might engender. While much of humor has been explored in the context of natural conversation or between participants in the media, little attention has been given to humor executed individually in a pseudo-interactional context. A pragmatics approach displays how humorous self-deprecations of celebrity chefs in single-hosted how-to-cook cooking shows serve to entertain, build solidarity, and construct authenticity. It is farther asserted that self-deprecation shields the speaker against criticism and also fosters hegemonic values of what is fit and unfit gendered conduct.