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Acuña Ferreira, Virginia. 2017. Code-switching and emotions display in Spanish/Galician bilingual conversation. Text & Talk 37 (1) : 47–70.
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This article sets out to add to recent research on bilingualism and emotions from a discourse approach, exploring extracts taken from a spontaneous conversation between two Spanish/Galician female bilinguals. Spanish is the base language of this interaction and speakers's dominant language, but the selected extracts correspond to sequences of gossip and complaints about third parties covering switches into Galician. The assay discloses that these Spanish/Galician bilingual uses contribute towards the structure of the conversational activity and foreground diverse affective stances. Spanish is used to notify indignation at the toplofty conduct of the people talked about, while Galician is chosen in generating a derogatory discourse on their social status or moral condition which shows disrespect for them. While prior inquiry on code-switching and emotions has related the affective functions to the dominant language(s), this paper points out the pertinence of both the dominant language and the less dominant language in showing affective stances. It is suggested that the specific emotive role of Galician in the contextualization of contempt could be linked to the external symbolism of this language and its traditional defect of regard.