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Ng, Sik Hung, James Jian-Min Sun and Ping Hu. 2017. Impact of English on education reforms in China: with reference to the learn-English movement, the internationalisation of universities and the English language requirement in college entrance examinations. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 38 (3) : 192–205.
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This paper outlines the learn-English movement and debates the affect of English on the internationalisation of China's elite universities and the college entrance examination (gaokao) based on, respectively, studies of the global ranking of China's universities and a large-scale online discussion over the English language requirement in gaokao. The first study discloses the shadow of English-isation over the internationalisation of Chinese universities in an academic world where publishing and citations are dominated by the use of English. The second study detects, consistent with social identity theory, constructions of opposing arguments reflecting the protagonists’ respective identities as pro- and anti-English supporters.