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Gao, Xuesong, Xiuli Ma, Yang Gong and Yiqing Xiang. 2017. The teaching of Chinese as a second or foreign language: a systematic review of the literature 2005–2015. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 38 (9) : 815–830.
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This article reports the results of a survey of research articles on the teaching of Chinese as a second or foreign language published in four leading mainland Chinese journals during the years 2005–2015. The review found that Chinese language researchers are examing a wide range of issues covering language policy and planning, language learning and use, language pedagogy, teacher development and language testing. These studies document the efforts that Chinese language researchers and teachers have made to meet the explosively increasing demand for Chinese language learning in the world. Furthermore, it was noted that the leading Chinese journals have become more receptive to empirical studies although a great number of non-empirical articles are still being published. Overall, inquiry in these journals is still beset with diverse challenges, and there is a want for more diligent scholarship on the part of researchers. For this reason, the review concludes with proposal for Chinese journals so that they can foster high-quality research to back the global evolution of Chinese language education.